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Human Centred Design led strategies to build stronger and more capable businesses.

At Brave we believe that to build a strong and remarkable business, people need to be the central focus across all things you do.

We are a strategic design and business consultancy focused on developing customer-aligned strategies that drive growth and new opportunities for our clients. We use human-centred design strategies to uncover insights into the needs of a client’s customers using strategic positioning and storytelling to drive engagement and impact.

We believe that the strongest businesses are those that know who they are, understand their purpose and the value they are delivering for their customers.

Brave Studio

We work with organisations from the public and private sectors and across many industry sectors including medical and primary healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure and energy, health, education and professional services. Our clients range from well-established enterprises and community organisations to start-ups.

Our work begins with developing strategies that focus on building strong foundations around culture and how a business and its brand engage in the market. Ultimately, we ensure the performance of the business can deliver on these strategies.

We work with teams of all sizes from CEO level leadership teams developing strategies to drive the business forward to then working with service level teams to ensure the effective implementation and adoption of these strategies across all levels of the business.

Our role with our clients is to challenge assumptions and ask, ‘how can we do this better?’. It’s through this approach we achieve the greatest impact in building stronger and more resilient businesses.

Our Team

Our collaborative team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, sharing this with our clients to help them understand the engagement and performance sides of their business, and the value the integration of these brings. We help drive innovation and strengthen connection between staff, stakeholders, and customers.

Brave’s structure is centred around a core team that drives the strategic and creative delivery aspects of each project. We bring in our expert strategic partners when needed to provide a complete solution for our clients. Working collaboratively with these partners allows us to deliver effective and successful outcomes.

paul s

Paul van Barneveld

Engagement Lead

Kylie_Fahey_Feb_2019_BW (1)

Kylie Fahey

Performance Lead

Why are we different?

The team at Brave has experience at senior level across multiple industries.

But that’s not what sets us apart.

We each have an ability to see beyond what is in front of us to help shift thinking or uncover true potential in your business. Whether that is looking at the numbers, understanding the dynamics of the people within an organisation or being able to uncover the true value a business is delivering to its customers.

We also all have the desire and ability to deliver outcomes that are relevant. We have a genuine commitment to real support that adds value to a business.

Our Ethos

Are you ready to find balance in your business?

Aligning Engagement and Performance is a vital step in achieving the outstanding results you’re aiming for in your business.

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