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Paul van Barneveld.

paul l

Since November 1997, Paul has owned and grown Brave into a trusted provider. His expertise is in using Human Centred Design (HCD) methodology means he places people at the centre of all activity, working out what makes them tick and then using these insights to develop business strategies to respond to their needs.

Paul has assisted clients from the public and private sectors and across many industry sectors, including medical and primary healthcare, manufacturing, infrastructure and energy, education, retail and professional services. Over that time, Paul has consistently evolved Brave to respond to industry and market changes to ensure it continues delivering value to clients and ensuring its ongoing success.

Paul’s Not-for-Profit sector experience includes time as a Board member of the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). This role allowed him to learn firsthand the challenges of engaging with a diverse membership body and establishing meaningful programs that needed to be targeted at specific member segments or for a broader audience. During Paul’s tenure, he drove initiatives to improve member engagement and restructure the organisation to ensure its future.

Paul now holds a part-time CEO role with another Not-for-Profit industry body, the Australian Design Alliance [AdA], with a membership comprised of design industry membership bodies. As CEO, a significant part of the role is developing and delivering strategic initiatives for the organisation and ensuring it meets its governance and financial obligations.

Paul holds a Master of Design Futures, a degree he completed to hone his skills in Human-Centered Design to develop business strategies, new products and services and help businesses to build stronger connections with customers through sophisticated engagement strategies.

What makes you different?

I have a strong background in Design, which has allowed me to develop skills to see and hear beyond what is in front of me. I pride myself on being a master facilitator, bringing people along on the journey and getting the best out of everyone in the room.

I’m also highly intuitive and can quickly understand complex problems and scenarios, which allows me to confidently engage with my clients about their business, its inner workings, and challenges.

What do you love doing?

I love problem-solving, and I love making things. I have an innate ability to imagine the possibilities of what could be and then in finding a solution. I’m not satisfied until the problem is solved and the task is completed.

My greatest joy, however, is travelling the world to see new places and experience new cultures and the people who bring them to life.

What is it to be Brave?

Being Brave is never giving up.

To me, being Brave is about getting up (even when you don’t want to) and taking on each day. It’s about never running away and always tackling what’s in front of you, no matter how big or small.