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Kylie Fahey.

Kylie Fahey Feb 2019 BW 1

Kylie has a remarkable ability to see inefficiencies and join the dots to find real solutions. She gets the numbers and can look at a P&L or an ops report and is intuitive as to what it is really saying.  She digs into the numbers and aligns the data to the people and the business.

Kylie has a laser focus on implementation. She understands that to grow a business you actually have to get it done.  She is skilled at galvanizing teams towards the desired goal by constantly lifting the bar (KPIs) to bring people on the journey and create engagement and results.

Above all Kylie avoids the ego. She works with integrity and honesty to achieve results and is great fun to work with.

What makes you different?

I can easily join the dots in complex scenarios. By this I mean putting the puzzle of a business environment together to look for opportunity, efficiencies and risk. This level of intuition, ability to work with people and my experience means I get the link between strategy and execution and I am a proven implementer who gets the job done.

What do you love doing?

I love seeing people grow. Nurturing good people and seeing them achieve things they never thought possible. I also love delivering the strategy. Actually, executing and seeing a business grow is a great experience.

My true passion is mountain biking. It is so cathartic to ride a bike on trails and constantly challenge yourself with each ride.

What is it to be Brave?

Being Brave is getting outside your comfort zone. Never listening to that little voice telling you no or you can’t.

To me, being Brave is about giving it a go and not telling yourself you can’t. Trying new things and just doing your best.