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Our Approach.

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Discovery is about understanding your business, customers, environment, risks, aspirations, and goals. Our disciplined and structured approach identifies the successes and opportunities in your business as well as those things that might be holding your business back in achieving success.

Our Business Discovery sessions also identify how your business delivers value to your customers and how your products and services respond to their needs. In understanding this, you can clearly define your value proposition to start building the foundation of your Engagement strategies.

The outcome of the Discovery Session is a plan to address which areas of your business need support in achieving balance between Engagement and Performance.

Our Business Discovery sessions include:

Strategy Development

Brave’s experience in delivering sophisticated strategic solutions for businesses extends beyond 35+ years and gained by working across many and varied industries.​

We apply a disciplined and structured approach that seeks to understand your business, product or service and the market. We also consider your primary customer segments, their goals and challenges, and how best to engage with them across traditional and digital communication channels. These insights provide a framework on which we build a plan for improving your Engagement and Performance strategies.

We have a pragmatic yet meaningful approach to developing strategies focused on the both Engagement and Performance of your business. The aim is to deliver realistic and achievable plans and outcomes that can easily be integrated into your business and readily achieve maximum impact.

However, the development of any strategy has the primary goal of aligning the two sides of your business with its success resting in achieving balance between Engagement and Performance.

In practice, we work with you to develop strategies to improve the performance of your business. No fluff, just a tangible representation of what your business needs to do and how it will do it.

Strategy Development for your business includes:


All too often, well-written plans are not implemented. It might sound obvious, but only through implementation will you achieve your goals.

We can work in a number of ways to support the implementation of your existing strategy or the outputs of your Strategy Development. Implementation will vary depending on your existing human capital, competitors, risks, challenges and future goals.

This engagement could be either to ‘project manage’ and work alongside the in-house team or be embedded within the business on a short-term basis to deliver on the outcomes and improve capacity.

Implementation includes:

We have rolled up our sleeves and worked alongside many clients to assist them in implementing and delivering on their goals. We have a broad team that we draw on to help you actually execute and get the job done.

Counsel & Mentoring

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction"

- John C. Crosby

People are the common factor across all businesses, large or small, and it’s the people that can make or break a business. Maximising how your staff, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers engage with your business directly impacts its performance.

At Brave, we understand the need for people to perform for a business to succeed. Having a team that is positive, aligned and hitting their targets takes constant work. That’s why Counsel and Mentoring is an integral part of our complete service. Our philosophy of Counsel and Mentoring is based on understanding your stakeholders and building resilience in your teams and/or individuals. Through resilience, individuals will be able to overcome hardships more easily, manage stress and conflict, and deal with work pressures and focus on achieving. Resilient individuals have greater job satisfaction, organisational commitment and employee engagement. All factors that will lead to improved Performance of your business.

By first understanding the business performance objectives, we can then support strategies that will engage the people involved.  At Brave, we believe that Counsel and Mentoring can help you develop your business through improved productivity.

Counsel & Mentoring includes:

Are you ready to find balance in your business?

Aligning Engagement and Performance is a vital step in achieving the outstanding results you’re aiming for in your business.

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