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Intex Connect

Cable Assembly Design Reimagined

Intext Connect designs and manufactures cable harness assemblies for use in large vehicles that require a robust solution to secure data and electrical cabling.

Intex Connect engaged Brave to assist them in transitioning their brand from a supplier of cable harness components and connectors to become a market leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of complex cable assemblies.

Intex Connect had evolved from being a product supplier to a manufacturer of cable harness assemblies, having developed a unique approach using 3-D printing and rapid process technology to design, manufacture and deliver real-world products in record time frames.

The critical issue for them moving forward as a business and a brand was they hadn’t acknowledged how their unique approach was a game-changer in the industry, leading to significant reductions in the time to create project-specific components and, more importantly, production costs.

Brave worked with them to define their value, articulate its impact on the market, and design a new brand identity for the business that reflected their market-leading innovation.

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