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Brisbane Tritons Water Polo Inc.

An LGBTIQ+ inclusive sports club

The Brisbane Tritons are Queensland’s only LGBTIQ+ inclusive water polo club.

Brave was engaged to assist the club in redefining what it means to be an LGBTIQ+ inclusive sports club and develop its brand to capture the essence of who they are as a club and reflect the vibrancy and dynamic nature of its community.

The Brisbane Tritons were at crossroads as a club because their claim of being ‘inclusive’ was under scrutiny as many in Brisbane’s LGBTIQ+ sporting community did not believe they were living up to their claims. Brave’s first task was to work with them to define what being ‘inclusive’ meant to them as a club so they could confidently stand by their claim. The outcome was the Brisbane Tritons Manifesto which captures who they are as a club and defines their position in the community.

Brave also designed a new brand identity for the club that takes inspiration from their namesake Triton, who, through his trumpeting conch shell call, could raise or calm the seas. This central concept of the brand aligns with Brisbane Tritons’ call for people to join them in the pool and stand up for their community.

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